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Promoted by the Authority for the Prevention and Combat of Violence in Sport (APCVD), this congress represents a unique opportunity to address and debate good practices and innovations in the field of security at sporting events. It is an open invitation to all professionals, enthusiasts and  stakeholders  who seek to understand and shape the future of sporting events, ensuring safe and welcoming environments for everyone.

By participating, you will have the opportunity to interact with renowned experts, enrich your knowledge and expand your network of contacts in the sector. This is, without a doubt, an unmissable event for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of sports safety.

Dear participants and sports lovers,

It is with great satisfaction and a sense of responsibility that I present our International Congress, a historic milestone in the trajectory of the Authority for the Prevention and Combat of Violence in Sport.

In an era in which sporting events transcend borders, not only geographical, but also cultural and social, it is imperative that safety, hospitality and reception are fundamental pillars. This edition of the congress appears as a response and contribution to the growing demand for sports shows centered on the fans’ experience, safe, inclusive and welcoming shows.

“Towards Safer and Welcoming Sports Events” is not just our slogan, it is the mission that all of us, as stakeholders in the sports world, must pursue. This congress is a unique opportunity for sharing, learning and cooperation between professionals, academics and sports enthusiasts.

I invite you to join us at this event and dive into the debates, workshops and panels, contributing your experiences and visions. Your participation will be crucial.

Together, we will create a positive legacy, reinforcing the role of sport as a vehicle for unity, inclusion and mutual respect.

See you soon and have a good conference everyone.

Rodrigo Cavaleiro

President of the Authority for Preventing and Combating Violence in Sport

Ativo 1
October 13

09:45 – Accreditation

10:30 – Opening ceremony

With interventions by the Mayor of Viseu, Fernando Ruas, the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, João Paulo Correia, and the President of APCVD, Rodrigo Cavaleiro.

11:00 – Launch of the e-learning course on Protection, Security and Service

Launch of the Portuguese language version of the Council of Europe online course based on the principles of the European Convention on an integrated approach to safety, security and service at football matches and other sporting events. This panel will feature the participation of the Council of Europe, the University of Liverpool, the Portuguese Football Federation and the APCVD.
With the participation of: Irena Guidikova, Dinca, Michael Humann, Rodrigo Cavaleiro, André Seabra and Mariana Silva (moderator).

11:40 – Coffee Break

12:00 – Major sporting events – Challenges and lessons

Panel dedicated to sharing knowledge and lessons learned from recent major sporting events. This panel will feature the participation of FIFA, INTERPOL – Project Stadia, UEFA, CarnDu and Bluerock.
With the participation of: Helmut Spahn, Falah Al Dosari, Juha Karjalainen, Tom Smith (online) and Luís Silva.

13:30 – Lunch break

15:00 – Intolerance offside

Debate dedicated to raising awareness and preventing intolerance and racial discrimination in sporting events.
With the participation of: Pedro Neto, José Reis, Péricles Pina and Carlos Daniel (moderator).

15:45 – The role and responsibility of sports agents

It aims to stimulate reflection and value the important role that various sporting agents play, due to their ability to influence and responsibility for assuming themselves as behavioral models. By attitudes or statements, through traditional media outlets or social networks, sports agents can contribute decisively to a sporting context more aligned with the values ​​of Sport, inspiring the public and helping to make sporting events safer and more welcoming.
With the participation of: Susana Feitor, Duarte Gomes, Paulo Pereira, Diana Gomes and Carlos Daniel (moderator).

16:30 – Coffee Break

17:00 – Receive well and be well received (Hospitality)

Starting with an intervention by Professor Michael Humann, from the University of Liverpool, highlighting the relationship between hospitality and security, a debate follows that addresses some good examples, placing the fan at the center. Practical cases will be covered such as the Puro Futebol Ranking – League 3 (FPF), “Feel at home” awareness campaign, Audio description – inclusive report, among others.
With the participation of: Michael Humann, Pedro Lima, Cândido Costa, Sara Marques, Jorge Reis and Carlos Daniel (moderator).

18:00 – Conversation for two

To close the first day we had the former Portuguese international player and commentator for Canal 11, Cândido Costa, in conversation with Carlos Daniel, to share some stories that show the extraordinary hospitality he finds on his tour of the country.
With the participation of: Cândido Costa and Carlos Daniel.

October 14

09:30 – Accreditation

10:00 – Safety & Security – Planning and managing security at sporting events

Presentation of practical cases, focusing on procedures before, during and after the sporting event, also addressing the importance of collaboration between security managers and police authorities.
With the participation of: Alberto Guedes, Plácido Rodrigues, Orlando Mendes, Rui Pereira and Iúri Rodrigues (moderator).

10:40 – Technology and innovation

Dissemination of technological tools in the field of security and hospitality.
With the participation of: Agustín Guardiola Vera, Márcio Cortez and Sandra Rodrigues (moderator).

11:10 – Coffee Break

11:40 – Good Service Practices

Good “Service” practices in the field of hospitality will be addressed.
With the participation of: Carlos Nogueira, Luís Estrela, Miguel Neiva and Sandra Rodrigues (moderator).

12:30 – Olympic values ​​in the development of citizenship

Interview, on stage, with the Director of Jornal do Centro, Sandra Rodrigues, with the President of the Portuguese Olympic Committee, José Manuel Constantino, with the underlying theme of Olympic values ​​in the development of citizenship.
With the participation of: José Manuel Constantino and Sandra Rodrigues.

12:50 – APCVD merit distinction

13:00 – Closing

With intervention by the Sports Councilor of Viseu City Council, Pedro Ribeiro.

Ativo 1
Entities Participants

Adrian Dinca

President of the Council of Europe's Sports Events Safety Committee

Adrian Dinca began his police career in 2002 and has more than 17 years’ experience as an international police cooperation officer and, later, as deputy coordinator of the National Football Information Point (PNIF) in Romania.

He was involved in the work of the Sports Spectacle Security Expert Group (Think Tank) and the network of National Football/Sports Information Points (NFIP Network) for more than 10 years, having been elected in 2015 as vice-president of this body and , from November 2021, as president

Adrian Dinca also served as Vice-President of the Standing Committee of the Council of Europe Convention on Bystander Violence (T-RV) from 2016 to 2018 and President from 2018 to 2020.

He was part of the operational support teams deployed for important sporting events (namely EURO 2008, the 2012 Europa League final and EURO 2016) and was a member of the management structure of the International Center for Police Cooperation (CICP) for EURO 2020 , which was hosted at Europol headquarters in The Hague.

He participates as an expert in several international training sessions related to the security of sporting events, organized by UEFA, the European Think Tank, the Council of Europe and CEPOL.

Adrian Dinca has a degree in Law, a Master’s degree in International Police Cooperation and is currently researching his PhD in Internal Security and Policing of Sports Events.

Alberto Guedes

SC Braga Security Manager

  • SC Braga Security Manager
  • Trainer in the area of ​​private security.

Between 2003 and 2021 he held the following roles in the area of ​​private security:

  • Mobile Patrol North and Center Zone;
  • Centralist in shopping centers;
  • Security Coordinator at sporting events;
  • Administrative functions in an operational support office;
  • Former;
  • Group leader at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

André Seabra

Director at Portugal Football School (FPF)

Author and co-author of more than 150 scientific articles published in national and international magazines, the Assistant Professor with aggregation at the Faculty of Sports of the University of Porto and a PhD in Sports Sciences, has two master’s degrees in public health and high-performance sports training.

In addition, he has already given more than 200 lectures in Portugal and abroad as a guest speaker.

Cândido Costa

League 3 Ambassador

Having always played on the right flank, sometimes as a winger and sometimes as a defender, Cândido built an interesting career, with spells at clubs such as FC Porto, SC Braga and CF Os Belenenses, among others. At National Team level, he even represented the under-21 Team Quinas.

In 2021, he became a commentator on Channel 11, being one of the most beloved faces of the Portuguese on television these days.

In addition to his work as a commentator, he is also an ambassador for Liga 3.

Carlos Daniel

RTP Journalist

Carlos Nogueira

General Director at WiseSafety

Founder and Managing Director of WiseSafety, has worked for over 25 years in the area of ​​building and installation security (safety and security components). With an academic background in mechanical engineering and specialization courses in Event Security and Crowd Management in the United Kingdom, he participates in the biggest events held in Portugal with national and international promoters.

Since 2016, he has been Head of all Web Summit events held in Portugal, having also had a role in the Eurovision Festival in 2018, the European Cross Country Championships in 2019, and the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union in 2021 .

He is currently responsible for preparing and implementing Security Plans for major events and festivals such as NOS Alive, Ed Sheeran – Estádio da Luz, MUSE, BANSKY, Barrio Latino, Diamond Jubilee Celebration – Lisbon 2018, Festival IMINENTE, Metallica – Estádio do Restelo , VOA – Heavy Rock Festival, GUNS N’Roses, Iron Maiden – Estádio Nacional, Building the Future, Festival Andamento, Rolling Loud, EDC Europe, Afronation, SÓNAR, Coldplay – Estádio de Coimbra, Harry Styles, Def Lepard, Rammstein – Estádio da Luz, Maroon 5, among many others.

In 2023, he was responsible for organizing and planning Security for the Event commemorating the 38th Sport Lisboa e Benfica Championship at Marquês de Pombal.
Also in 2023, he was responsible for the Security Plans for World Youth Day events, including technical crowd management training for all Coordinators and Supervisors of WYD Volunteer Teams.
In 2023 alone, it has already guaranteed the safety of more than 3 million and 200 thousand people in all events held.
As Portuguese legislation is practically non-existent with regard to Event Security, its training and experience at an international level means that the security conditions of the events in which it participates are always aligned with what is best developed at an international level.

Diana Gomes

President of the Olympic Athletes Commission

Her sporting CV includes 2 participations in the Olympic Games, 5 participations in the World Championships, 5 European Championships, among other international competitions. European Junior Champion, National Champion and national record holder for several years, Diana Gomes, is, nowadays, a mother, architect and businesswoman.

He is currently President of the Olympic Athletes Commission, an entity he was a member of in 2009-2013.

It fights for the rights and interests of Olympic athletes and considers it essential to promote Olympism, its values ​​and sporting ethics.

Duarte Gomes

Former International Football Referee

  • Former International Football Referee.
  • Member of the National Sports Council.
  • PNED/IPDJ Sports Ethics Ambassador.
  • Expresso commentator, SIC Notícias and Jornal A Bola.
  • Author of Project Kickoff.

Falah Al-Dosari


Falah Al-Dosari is a senior executive with over 15 years of experience in the field of law enforcement and security, and is a recognized and INTERPOL-certified expert in International Law Enforcement Cooperation.

Currently seconded to INTERPOL by the Qatari Ministry of Interior, he serves as Senior Manager of the Stadia Project, establishing a Center of Excellence as a global reference for those involved in the planning and execution of policing and security for major events.

Falah Al-Dosari led INTERPOL’s initiative to create the first Joint Task Force to support Qatar in the 2022 Football World Cup.

Before joining Project Stadia, Al-Dosari led INTERPOL’s efforts against drugs and organized crime in the Middle East and North Africa

Agustín Guardiola Vera

Director of the University Postgraduate Specialist in Security in Sports, Recreational and Public Facilities and Events at the University of Alcalá

With a PhD in Economics and Management and a PhD Thesis in Comprehensive Management of Security in Sport, he directs the Postgraduate University Specialization in Security in Sports, Recreational and Public Facilities and Events at the University of Alcalá, with pioneering comprehensive security training that brings together more than 80 international professionals from the multidisciplinary public-private sector.

His professional career combines sport and security in the private and public sectors; worked for 15 years in the Government Area of ​​Culture and Sports at the Madrid City Council, developing, among other functions, security training for Directors of Municipal Sports Centers, at the Madrid City Council Training School (EFAM) and; for 5 years in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Alcalá, as a Professor in the Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and in the Master’s Degree in Organization and Management of Physical Activity and Sports Facilities and Entities.

He teaches and advises on safety regulations in sport, collaborating with different projects of public entities such as the Municipality of Montevideo (Uruguay), the Madrid City Council or the Citizen Protection School of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). And private like; the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-Spain), the Professional Colleges of Degree in Physical Education and Sports Sciences of the Community of Madrid and the Valencian Community, or the partners of the Upon Group; Infinity Neural and West Point.

His research work includes different publications, patents and contributions to international conferences, being a researcher at the GI Scientific Events Observatory Icono14-UDIMA.

His academic training is accompanied by a Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (INEF-UPM), Master’s Degree in Management of Organizations and Physical Activity and Sports Facilities (UAH-UV-ULE), Postgraduate in Professional Expert in Security Management (UNED), together with qualifications from the Spanish Ministry of the Interior as Director of Security, Head of Security and Judicial Expert.

Irena Guidikova

Head of the Department for Children's Rights and Values in Sport, Council of Europe

With a degree in Political Science from the Universities of Sofia (Bulgaria) and York (England), Irena Guidikova has worked at the Council of Europe since 1994. Her career has taken her from public policy and youth research, to the future of democracy in Europe, to cultural policy and inclusion and anti-discrimination.

His work involved drafting standards on electronic governance and voting, party financing and internet literacy, safeguarding diversity through film financing, and multi-level policies for the intercultural integration of migrants and refugees.

She was also a political advisor in the Office of the Secretary-General, coordinator of the World Forum for Democracy and directed the inclusion and anti-discrimination programs of the Council of Europe, having worked on combating hate speech, equality of LGBTI people, inclusion migrants and minority rights.

He is currently Head of the Department of Children’s Rights and Sports Values.

Helmut Spahn

Director of Security at the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)

Helmut Spahn is Security Director of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), former Director General of the International Center for Sports Security (ICSS), former President of the famous and prestigious football club Kickers Offenbach and spent over 20 years as a security officer. high ranking in the German police force. Spahn was previously Head of Security for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ and Director of Security for the German Football Association (Deutscher Fussball-Bund, DFB).

He was responsible for UEFA security in the Champions League and Europa League, as well as UEFA Euro 2012.

From 2006 to 2011 he was Director of Security at the German Football Association. Spahn was Head of Security for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany™ from 2003 to 2006, Head of Security for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany™ and, after 2007, was responsible for UEFA security for the Champions League and the Europa League, as well as for UEFA Euro 2012.

As Director General of the ICSS from 2011 to 2017, he was sought after as an expert in safety advice and opinion across the world in different sports, including the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Sochi 2014 and 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, as well as the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the Boston Marathon, for example.

In his current role as FIFA Security Director, he is now responsible for all FIFA tournaments and events around the world.

Iúri M. Rodrigues

National Sports Information Point (PNID/PSP)

Deputy Iúri Alexandre de Sampaio Monteiro Rodrigues is 39 years old and is from Cascais.

Graduated in Police Sciences from the Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security and postgraduate degree in Military Information from the Instituto Universitário Militar.

Since July 2020, he has been Head of the Analysis and Cooperation Division of the DN/PSP Police Information Department, where he supervises the Analysis Center and the National Sports Information Point.

He is a member of the National Sports Council and the Permanent Monitoring Committee of the Council of Europe Convention on an Integrated Approach to Safety, Security and Services on the Occasion of Football Games and Other Sports Events, as a representative of the Ministry of Administration Internal.

Anteriormente às suas atuais funções, ocupou os cargos de Chefe de Núcleo e Coordenador do Ponto Nacional de Informações sobre desporto, destacando-se a sua participação na equipa de coordenação do Centro de Cooperação Policial Internacional estabelecido no âmbito da fase final Liga das Nações da UEFA, realizado no Porto em 2019, tendo ainda feito parte, como oficial de ligação, da delegação Policial portuguesa que se no âmbito do campeonato do mundo de futebol de 2018. Foi igualmente Conselheiro no Conselho Consultivo da APCVD e fez parte do Grupo de Avaliação da Violência no Desporto e do Grupo de Trabalho para uma abordagem multi-institucional das temáticas associadas à violência no desporto.

His professional career includes heading the operational area of ​​the Criminal Investigation Division of the Lisbon Metropolitan Command and commander of the Criminal Investigation Squadron.

Juha Karjalainen

Senior Safety and Security Expert from the UEFA Safety & Security Operations Unit

Graduated in 1989 from the Finnish Police College, Juha Karjalainen was a member of the Finnish Police, serving for 12 years in the Helsinki Police Department.

His career dedicated to the security of sports venues began when he assumed the role of Security Manager at the Finnish Football Association, between 2000 and 2018.

Performing the role of “Security Officer” in UEFA competitions since 2013, Juha Karjalainen has been, since 2021, Senior Safety and Security Expert at the UEFA Safety & Security Operations Unit.

Luis Silva

Director of Operations at BLUEROCK Sports & Entertainment

Luís Silva has more than 25 years of experience in managing venues and events around the world, where he held the highest executive positions.

Renowned consultant for various sporting organizations including UEFA, FIFA, National Associations, Leagues and Clubs, he has been involved in the most important football events such as the FIFA World Championships, UEFA EURO competitions, Champions League finals and UEFA Champions League finals. Europa League, among others.

Luís Silva is Co-Founder of BLUEROCK Sports & Entertainment, based in London, and was director of operations at the Maracanã Stadium and Sports Complex, in Rio de Janeiro and FC Porto’s Estádio do Dragão.

Márcio Cortez

CEO at 2PLAY, Co-Founder 2TICKET

Márcio Cortez was born in Portugal, but destiny took him, together with his parents, to the United States, where he embarked on a journey of studies and discoveries until returning to Portugal.

With more than two decades of experience in the communications field, Márcio has accumulated deep and valuable knowledge in the sector. This experience culminated in the founding of 2PLAY in 2009, a creative agency that quickly became synonymous with excellence in the national market. Over the years, 2PLAY has established solid partnerships with several clubs from the first and second leagues, contributing to its presence in the world of football.

Over the last five years, Márcio Cortez and 2PLAY have become partners of Liga Portugal, collaborating in the design and execution of several projects in the areas of communication, brand activation and sporting events.

In 2022, Márcio and his partners decided to take a bold step by launching 2PLAY’s first spinoff, 2Ticket. This ticketing company has achieved a prominent position, serving several clubs in the first and second leagues, simplifying and improving the management of tickets and sporting events.

Both in the area of ​​sports communication and ticketing, Márcio Cortez and his dedicated team have supported their clients on various issues related to Fan Experience.

Mariana Reb. Silva

Journalist correspondent for TVI, CNN Portugal and JN in Viseu

Graduated in Social Communication and postgraduate in Communication in Professional Football.

After a curricular internship at Porto Canal, he returned to Viseu where he worked at Jornal do Centro for around three years. She became a correspondent journalist for Jornal A Bola, in Viseu, and her love of sport, and football in particular, led her to take a postgraduate degree in Communication in Professional Football.

For nine months he was the face of the ‘Connect with the Foundation’ section of the Football Foundation – Liga Portugal and in December 2020 he presented the draw for the Final Four of the Allianz Cup.

Michael Humann

University of Liverpool Educational Development and Support Center

Dr Michael Humann is the training and research coordinator in the Critical and Serious Incidents (CAMI) group in the Department of Psychology at the University of Liverpool. With a background in Applied Psychology, his work focuses on improving decision-making in critical incidents and developing expertise in policing and emergency response.

Working on a range of applied projects across law enforcement, security agencies and emergency teams, these projects have highlighted the importance of looking for evidence-based solutions in order to develop the skills of all staff and build trust within organisations.

For the last 10 years, he has also been the pedagogical director of the Pan-European Football Policing Training Project (PE-FPTP), designing and delivering training to security forces and partners across Europe in the context of international football matches and other sporting events.

He works together as a special consultant to the European Group of Experts on the Security of Sports Events (Think Tank), work focused on monitoring the annual reports of all members and analyzing emerging trends to ensure that training, guidance and legislation adapt and evolve accordingly. More recently, based on this work, he was also tasked by Interpol with drafting the Internal Police Cooperation Manual.

Miguel Neiva

General Director at ColorADD

Miguel Neiva (Porto, 1969), Communication Designer, with a Masters in Design and Marketing, and also a social entrepreneur – Fellow Ashoka.

Created ColorADD. Color identification system for color blind people, a pioneering, universal and inclusive code that allows the inclusion of around 350 million
people around the world. Since 2008, fully dedicated to the worldwide implementation of this inclusive communication system – considered by GALILEU magazine,
from Globo, Brazil, as one of the “40 ideas to improve the world”. The ColorADD code is already being implemented in several countries by different institutions from different economic sectors of society.

Miguel also created an NGO, ColorADD.Social, to ensure that ColorADD can be used in education, free of cost, thus allowing the inclusion of
color blind children, without discrimination, always keeping in mind the mission of taking this tool to the whole world , as far as we can go… trying to promote a better World for Everyone!!!
Invited to various national and international events/seminars/congresses, where he speaks as a speaker, sharing his experience and passion with everyone.

His passion, dedication and work have been recognized, having been awarded:

  • Degree of Officer of the Order of Merit – Commercial, by the President of the Republic, in the Celebrations of the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities, 2015;
  • Gold medal commemorating the “50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, distinguished by the Presidency of the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic 2012;
  • Municipal Medal of Merit – Silver Degree, awarded by the Mayor of Porto, 2013;

Orlando Mendes

Captain of the Republican National Guard (GNR)

Captain Orlando Mendes is 40 years old and is from Campelos, Guimarães.

He has a degree in Military Sciences, Security branch, from the Military Academy.

Throughout his career at GNR, he commanded several operational bodies, namely:

  • Braga Intervention Platoon;
  • Torre de Moncorvo Territorial Detachment;
  • Penafiel Traffic Detachment;
  • Penafiel Territorial Detachment;
  • Fafe Territorial Detachment;
  • Póvoa de Lanhoso Territorial Detachment.

He has the GNR Captain Promotion Course and various other operational training related to security.

He participated in the planning and was commander of policing games for Moreirense Futebol Clube and Futebol Clube de Penafiel, while participants in the I Professional Football League.

He participated in the planning and was the policing commander of several stages of the World Rally Championship at the WRC Rally of Portugal, in particular: Shakedown de Baltar; Baião SSE; SSE Montim; SSE Luílhas; Fafe SSE; SSE de Vieira do Minho and SSE Cabeceiras de Basto.

He was the police commander of other Rallies and regional, national and European motor events, more specifically: Penafiel Racing Fest; Montelongo Rally; Vieira do Minho Rally; Cabeceiras de Basto Rally; Vizela Rally and Serras de Fafe Rally.

Since October 2021, he has been commander of the Territorial Detachment of the GNR of Guimarães, being responsible for planning and commanding the policing of the games of the Futebol Clube de Vizela and Moreirense Futebol Clube teams, both from the Liga Portugal Betclic.

Paulo C. Fontes

Director of the Sports Events Security Department (APCVD)

  • Director of the Sporting Events Security Department of the Authority for Preventing and Combating Violence in Sport (appointed since May 1, 2019);
  • Member of the General Secretariat of the Conference of Ministers of Youth and Sports of the CPLP. (elected, since 07/2016);
  • National Expert at the Sports and Youth Working Groups of the Council of the European Union (04/2016 to 04/2019);
  • Member of the Technical Monitoring Committee (CTA) of the CPLP Sports Games (07/2017 to 07/2018);
  • Member of the national representation on doping issues at the Council of Europe: CAHAMA and T-DO. (04/2016 to 04/2019);
  • Member of the “Drafting Group” of the sixth international conference of ministers and senior officials for physical education and sport, from UNESCO – MINEPS VI;

Paulo Pereira

National Men's Handball Coach

Speaker on leadership matters for organizations such as APG, LIDL, Merck Sharp & Dohme, or Bemis associations.

Qualification for Euro 2024 (Germany). Qualification for the 2023 World Cup (Poland and Sweden). 13th classified. Qualification for Euro 2022 (Hungary and Slovakia). 19th classified. Tokyo JO qualification, first time in the history of team sports, with the exception of “football” (March 2021, Montpellier). 2021 World Qualification (Egypt) after 17 years of absence. 10th classified (best classification ever). Qualification for the pre-Olympic tournament in Paris (April 2020 postponed to March 2021). Best classification ever (6th place) in a men’s senior European Championship (2020, Norway, Sweden, Austria). Qualification for Euro 2020 (Norway, Sweden, Austria) after 14 years of absence. 6th classified (best classification ever).

Coach of CSM Bucharest, men’s seniors (2017-2019). Challenge Cup winner (2018-19). Coach of Espérance sportive de Tunis, senior men (2015-2016). National coach of Tunisia, women’s seniors (2013-2015). Winner of the African Championship in 2014 (Algeria) after 32 years. President cup winner – 16th place (World Cup Serbia 2013). Coach of the women’s senior team of CD 1º de Agosto, Angola (2010-2013). Winner of the 1st provincial championship (2010) and 1st national championship in the club’s history (2011). National coach of Angola, women’s seniors (2009-2010). Winner of the African Championship in 2010 (Egypt) 11th place in the World Cup (China 2009). Coach of the men’s senior team Club Balonmano Cangas, Spain (2006-2008). Winner of the Galícia Cup (2006). FCPorto: Winner, two league cups (2003/2004 and 2004/2005), Portuguese cup (2005/2006) and national championship (2003/2004) for senior men. Coach FCPorto Juniors (1999-2003) and male seniors – 1999-2006 (4 years assistant, 3 main coach).

Awarding of the medal of honor from the city of Amarante (July 2021). Coach of the Year 2019 awarded by the Portuguese Sports Confederation. Recognition of Merit and Excellence, FADEUP-University of Porto (2019).

Obtaining the title of Handball Master Coach PRO – (Lisbon, 2016).

Physical education teacher in different schools (primary and secondary education 1994-2006). Professor of Handball principles and practices at Instituto Superior da Maia (1999-2003).

Master in High Performance Sports (FADEUP, 1999). Degree in Sports Sciences and Physical Education (FCDEF, 1995)

Pedro Neto

Executive Director of Amnesty International Portugal (AIPT)

Pedro A. Neto has been Executive Director of Amnesty International – Portugal since 2016, in this context, he is also an advisor to the Commission for Equality and Against
Racial Discrimination (CICDR).

Graduated in History, in the Archeology variant, from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, he has a postgraduate degree in Educational Sciences
from the Catholic University, in Religious Sciences and Human Rights, from the Instituto Superior de Ciências Religiosas de Aveiro and from the Faculty of Law at the University of Coimbra, respectively.

Master in Management and Public Administration, from the University of Aveiro, he completed a PhD in Public Policies, at the same university, with community leadership and human rights as his research area.

Pedro A. Neto was one of the Founders and President of the NGO ORBIS – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, where he carried out development projects and volunteer missions
in Portuguese-speaking African countries and Brazil.

He did regional radio in Aveiro, Terra Nova and Vagos FM. He is currently a weekly columnist on TSF radio.

Péricles Pina

Former coordinator of the Secretariat of the Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination (CICDR)

Péricles António Pina is a specialized jurist who is currently part of the legal service of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Previously, he coordinated the Technical-Legal Support Office for the Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination (CICDR), the Portuguese body dedicated to combating racial discrimination.

In addition to being a representative of the CICDR on the APCVD Advisory Council, Péricles participated in several working groups focused on the issue of racial discrimination, namely the Working Group for the Prevention and Combat of Racism and Discrimination and the Census Working Group 2021, centered on ‘ethnic-racial’ issues.

Plácido Rodrigues

Director Security and facilities at FC Vizela

  • Director Security and facilities at Futebol Clube Vizela since 2021.
  • Security Director of the Final Four held at the Leiria Stadium since 2021.
  • Trainer in the area of ​​Private Security since 2021.
  • Security Coordinator from 2015 to 2019 in several Stadiums (Famalicão, Chaves, Aves, Vsc, Vizela among others).
  • Private security training since 2011 (Vig, ARE, ARD, SPR).

Rui Pereira

Deputy Superintendent of the Public Security Police (PSP)

Rui Pereira is a Deputy Superintendent of the Public Security Police (PSP), graduated in Police Sciences from the Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security.

Completed the Building Security Course (CNP – ESP), the Civil Protection Emergency Planning and Management Course and the Police Command and Management Course, among others.

He was a professor at the Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security between 2007 and 2010, having participated in international technical-police cooperation missions as part of his training.

Between 2010 he was deputy security coordinator for the NATO Summit.

He commanded several police stations and divisions. In the Oeiras Division, of the PSP Lisbon Metropolitan Command, between 2012 and 2014, he participated in the planning and command of policing for the Portuguese Cup Final games at Estádio do Jamor.

Between 2015 and 2017 he commanded the Guimarães Police Division, of the Braga District Command, where he participated in the planning and command of policing for Vitória Sport Clube and Futebol Clube de Famalicão games, especially those considered high risk.

Since November 1, 2020, he has been the Commander of the Braga Police Division, being responsible for planning and commanding the policing of Sporting Clube de Braga and Gil Vicente Futebol Clube games, especially those considered high risk.

José Manuel Constantino

President of the Portuguese Olympic Committee

José Manuel Constantino, degree in Physical Education. Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Porto. Commander of the Order of Infante D. Henrique and Grand Cross of the Order of Public Instruction.

He was a university professor, President of the Portuguese Sports Confederation and the Portuguese Sports Institute.

He received the Excellence in Management Award from the Faculty of Human Motricity in 2011, the Medal of Merit and Commendation from the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém in 2015, the Prestige Award from APOGESD in 2019, the Prestige Award from the Oeiras City Council, the Panathlon Award and the Prestige Award-National Sports Press Club in 2020, the Career Award from the Faculty of Sports Science and Physical Education of the University of Coimbra and the Associate of Merit Award from the National Council of Associations of Physical Education Professionals in 2021.

Author of several articles and contributions as coordinator and co-author of specialized publications and magazines. He has seven books published.

He has been President of the Portuguese Olympic Committee since 2013.

José Reis

President of the Board of Directors of the High Commission for Migration (ACM, IP)

José Reis, President of the Board of Directors of ACM, IP, graduated in Law and with a professional career in the General Directorate of Reinsertion and Prison Services, was founder and association leader of the Associação Luso Cabo-Verdiana de Sintra and Vice-president of the Portuguese Kickboxing Federation and Muay-thai, and it was in the field of sport that he stood out from an early age, with several medals at national and international level and winning the title of European and World Muay-thai and KickBoxing Champion.

He follows a path as a coach and member of the coaching team of the national kickboxing team, and is also one of those responsible for training kickboxing coaches.

He was also an Advisory Member at the Migration Council and an Advisory Member at the Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination.

Jorge Reis

President Caldas SC

Jorge Manuel Fortunato dos Reis, born in Caldas da Rainha on March 1, 1963.

Volunteer association leader since 1998:

  • President of the Board of Directors of the Staff House of the Caldas da Rainha Hospital Center, from 1998 to 2021
  • Director of Youth Football at Caldas Sport Clube from 2004 to 2008
  • Vice-President of Caldas Sport Clube, responsible for Youth Football Coordination from 2008 to 2013
  • Vice-President of Caldas Sport Clube, responsible for Senior Football Management from 2013 to 2015
  • President of the Board of Caldas Sport Clube, from 2015 to date

Professionally, he works at Centro Hospitalar do Oeste, carrying out the functions of Coordination of the Human Resources Service.

Luis Estrela

Coordinator of the Football Foundation, Liga Portugal

Luís Estrela works in the area of ​​social and environmental sustainability, in the spectrum of professional football, with his clubs, partners and national and international entities of relevance in this area of ​​intervention.

He led the Football Foundation to recognition and distinction by the Portuguese Association of Business Ethics, in Human Rights.

He has been invited to speak at initiatives carried out by universities, associations, society platforms, having even been part of the panel of speakers at the Ética Summit 2022 and the International Congress on Security at Sports Events 2022.

At Fundação do Futebol, he works on social inclusion, the protection of values, training and education in football, environmental sustainability and major humanitarian causes.

Pedro Lima


Sandra Rodrigues

Director of Jornal do Centro

Journalist for 25 years, he started working at Diário de Viseu.

She was a contributor to the now-defunct 24 Horas. She has been a contributor to Jornal Público since 2012 and is currently director of Jornal do Centro where she started working in 2014.

Co-author of the book “And in the beginning was water”. As a hobby, she was involved in the promotion of national skydiving and the creation of a federated team in the same sport.

Sara Marques

Prevention, Education and Service Team (APCVD)

Sara Marques has a degree in Marketing, with a master’s degree in Management, Public Administration.

She joined the Authority for the Prevention and Combat of Violence in Sports in 2019, and is currently in the Department of Security at Sports Events.

She is part of the Prevention, Education and Services Team, where she is involved in different projects to promote ethics in sport, violence prevention and safety at sporting events, notably the FEEL AT HOME campaign and the European SAFER ERASMUS+ project.

She has participated in several cooperation actions with different entities for institutional representation and promotion and is a member of the Ranking Puro Futebol da Liga 3 Evaluation Committee. 

Since January 2022, she has been a Member of the Portuguese Delegation to the Committee for Safety and Security at Sporting Events of the Council of Europe.

Susana Feitor

President of the Board of Directors of the Sports Foundation

Tom Smith

Explosives Expert

Tom Smith has 2 degrees in chemistry from the University of Oxford and has worked with pyrotechnics all his life. He worked and was exhibition director at Kimbolton Fireworks for almost 20 years, organizing some of the biggest events, including celebrations in London marking the anniversary of the end of the Second World War and the Hong Kong Handover event.

In 1998, he created an independent explosives consultancy company to advise the industry and manage major exhibition projects around the world, including the New Year displays in London and Hong Kong and the Olympic ceremonies in London and Athens.

CarnDu has developed a series of tools to quantify radioactive fallout, smoke, environmental effects and noise from indoor and outdoor displays, which are now used around the world.

In 2026, Tom was the lead author of a report commissioned by UEFA to look at the health and safety effects of the use of pyrotechnics by spectators at football events, with an updated report published in 2023 – both available on the UEFA website. In addition, he presented the findings at events across Europe and elsewhere.

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